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MedCenter System (receive a FREE* Travel Box - Details below)
31 Day Monthly Pill Organizer and Talking Pill Reminder System

Doctors & Pharmacists agree that taking medications on a set schedule is crucial for managing your health. With the Med Center System, taking your medications on schedule, everyday becomes a party of your daily routine.

HOW DOES IT WORK? Set up to 4 Daily Alarms to alert you when your medication is due. A repeating friendly reminder notifies you of the time, the date and which daily dose to take. ("Good morning! Please take your morning pills for the 20th.") Press the "Alarm Acknowledged Button" to confirm compliance and the MedCenter Talking Alarm Clock tells you when the next daily dose is due.

• TRI-DATE VERIFICATION: matching the visual dates on pill boxes and clock with audible alerts assures accuracy
• TALKING ALARM alerts users when it's time to take medication
• Set up to 4 ALARMS DAILY to alert you when your medication is due
• LOUD & EXTRA LOUD sound settings ensure the alarm is heard
• RED & GREEN COLOR CODING shows when daily dose is complete

The Standard Pill Box (included in the MedCenter System and all other standard MedCenter organizers) has an individual dose compartment which measures roughly 15/16" wide x 1" long x 3/4" deep on the inside. Each Pill Box contains four of these dose compartments.

Because pills and vitamins differ greatly in overall size, in order to better answer the question of how many pills / vitamins will each pill box hold, we calculated the amount of Advil® and m&m® candies would fit in each compartment and Pill Box:

Standard Pill Box
(16) Advil® per dose compartment or (64) Advil® total per Pill Box
(10) m&m® candies per dose compartment or (40) m&m® candies per Pill Box

FREE* TRAVEL BOX will be added when shipping if no other discounts or special offers are applied*

Price: $74.95

Availability: IN STOCK

Product Dimensions: 10" wide x 8" deep x 7.25" high
Shipping Weight: 3lb 8oz
UPC: 804755702659
Sku: 7026-5

MedCenter System Monthly PIll Organizer and Reminder
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$74.95 Each - Qty Desired:


optional AC Adapter:
$14.95 Each Adapter Only -


Best Pill Box System ever!!!! - Vanessa (Plymouth, MA USA)
"This is the best pill box system ever!!!!!!!!!!! My husband had a kidney transplant 3 years ago and has to take meds 4 times a day for the rest of his life.  He was filling his weekly pill box 52 times a year.  Now he fills it 12 times a year.  This system also lets you know if you are short any pills, because you are filling the entire month at one time.  Which he was missing 4 of one of his pills.  Thanks to this system, he will never be short again.  Every pharmacy should carry this system."

Pill dispenser- Chris M. (Kansas)
"This product is very help in reminding someone, in this case my mother, to take her medication. It is easy for her to operate and keep straight what medications to take."

Best Buy Ever- Mary L. Morris-Burke "Silver Fox" (Ridgecrest, CA)
"I cannot tell you what a godsend the MedcenterSystem Talking Monitor Pill Reminder and Organizer has been to me. I am presently involved in a five year study of Macular Degeneration at UCLA. I was finding it difficult to remember to take my pills on time and because this is in my opinion, a very important study, I wanted to do my very best in participating. Since receiving the Medcenter System, I have not missed taking medications on time. Although it takes a little time to fill it each month, the ease of pill taking from then on makes the extra time well worth it. Highly recommend this system to anyone who needs to take pills on time and more than once a day."

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FREE* Travel Box! with regular priced Purchase of a MedCenter System ($69.95)

*While Supplies Last*

*The item will be added to your order when shipping if no other discounts or special offers are applied.

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